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    A VelaHotel original - Copyright by me.

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    The blue F-18 👈

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  7. So we have a C63 AMG in the shop right now…

    And it’s kind of amazing. White, with a carbon fiber splitter, diffuser, and lip/spoiler. Dual exhaust with long-tube headers and it has to have some kind of tune on it, because there are no cats and no check engine light.
    Which unfortunately is also the reason we can’t sell it. I guess we’re looking into putting aftermarket cats in it.
    But it sounds fucking amazing. A coworker started it up and I about had to change my pants. Such an incredible note on startup. AMG’s sound great when starting, but this sounds even better. Makes me want something like that.


  8. robotpignet:

    1954 Ferrari 375-Plus



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  12. supercars-photography:

    McLaren P1

    Original taken and owned by Arnoud Wilbrink




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    bc / Raquel Pomplum

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